• Haim Bibas

    Haim Bibas

    Mayor, Modi’in Maccabim-Reut, and Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Isaac Herzog

    Isaac Herzog

    President of Israel

  • Efrat Rayten

    Efrat Rayten

    Chair of the Labor Party

  • Eli Cohen

    Eli Cohen

    Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

  • Gila Gamliel

    Gila Gamliel

    Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology

  • Israel Katz

    Israel Katz

    Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Itamar Ben-Gvir

    Itamar Ben-Gvir

    Minister of National Security

  • Miri Regev

    Miri Regev

    Minister of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety, and Member of the Security Cabinet

  • Uriel Buso

    Uriel Buso

    Minister of Health

  • Ya'akov Margi

    Ya'akov Margi

    Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs

  • Yitzhak Wasserlauf

    Yitzhak Wasserlauf

    Minister of the Negev, Galilee, and National Resilience

  • Yoav Kisch

    Yoav Kisch

    Minister of Education and Chairman, National Assembly

  • Acc. Shai Alon

    Acc. Shai Alon

    Head of the Beit El Local Council, Head of the Finance Committee, and Chairman of the Labor and Salary Relations Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Alon Davidi

    Alon Davidi

    Mayor of Sderot, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel & Chairman of the Western Negev Cluster

  • Atty. Keren Green

    Atty. Keren Green

    Head of the Kadima Zoran Local Council and Chair of the Welfare, Drugs, and Violence Prevention Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Atty. Liat Shochat

    Atty. Liat Shochat

    Mayor of Yehuda and Chair of the Communications and Information Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Atty. Yair Revivo

    Atty. Yair Revivo

    Mayor of Lod and Chairman of the Interior, Planning, and Construction Committee, Ministry of the Interior

  • Benny Bitton

    Benny Bitton

    Mayor of Dimona and Chairman of the Forum of Developing Cities

  • Chaim Broyde

    Chaim Broyde

    Mayor of Ra’anana

  • Darwish Rabi

    Darwish Rabi

    Head of the Jaljulia Local Council

  • David Azulay

    David Azulay

    Head of the Metula Local Council

  • Dr. Yehiel Lasri

    Dr. Yehiel Lasri

    Mayor of Ashdod

  • Firas Badhi

    Firas Badhi

    Head of the Kafr Qara Local Council

  • Ido Greenblum

    Ido Greenblum

    Head of the Kiryat Tivon Local Council

  • Israel Ganz

    Israel Ganz

    Head of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council and Chairman of the Yesha Council

  • Jaber Hamoud

    Jaber Hamoud

    Head of the Sajur Local Council

  • Lizy Delaricha

    Lizy Delaricha

    Mayor of Ganei Tikva and Chair of the Education Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Lynn Kaplan

    Lynn Kaplan

    Head of the Tel Mond Regional Council

  • MK David Bitan

    MK David Bitan

    Chairman, Economic Affairs Committee

  • MK Ya’akov Asher

    MK Ya’akov Asher

    Chairman, Internal Affairs and Environment Committee

  • Mamoun Abd al-Hay

    Mamoun Abd al-Hay

    Mayor of Tira

  • Mazen Ghnaim

    Mazen Ghnaim

    Mayor of Sakhnin and Chairman of the National Committee of Heads of Arab Local Councils

  • Moshe Davidovitz

    Moshe Davidovitz

    Head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council

  • Moshe Koninski

    Moshe Koninski

    Mayor of Karmiel and Chairmain of the Eshkol Beit HaKerem Cluster

  • Moshe Lion

    Moshe Lion

    Mayor of Jerusalem

  • Munir Zebidat

    Munir Zebidat

    Head of the Basmat Tab'un Local Council and Head of the Forum of Northern Bedouin Authorities

  • Rabbi Eliyahu Gafni

    Rabbi Eliyahu Gafni

    Head of the Emmanuel Local Coucil

  • Rafi Saar

    Rafi Saar

    Mayor of Kfar Saba

  • Raz Kinstlich

    Raz Kinstlich

    Mayor of Rishon LeZion

  • Roei Gabay

    Roei Gabay

    Mayor of Yavne

  • Ron Huldai

    Ron Huldai

    Mayor of Tel Aviv and Chairman of the Forum 15

  • Roy Levy

    Roy Levy

    Mayor of Nesher and Chairman, Mayors’ Rights Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Serge Korchia

    Serge Korchia

    Head of the Kfar Shmaryahu Council and Head of the Security Committee

  • Shay Rosenzweig

    Shay Rosenzweig

    Head of the Alfe Menashe Local Council and Head of the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Talal Alkernawi

    Talal Alkernawi

    Mayor of Rahat, and Chairman of the Forum of Bedouin Authorities in the South

  • Tomer Glam

    Tomer Glam

    Mayor of Ashkelon

  • Tzvika Brot

    Tzvika Brot

    Mayor of Bat Yam & Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel's Foreign Affairs Committee

  • Wael Mugrabi

    Wael Mugrabi

    Head of the Ein Kaniya Local Council

  • Yasser Jadban

    Yasser Jadban

    Head of the Kisra-Sumei Local Council and Head of the Forum of Druze and Circassian Authorities

  • Yitzhak Ravitz

    Yitzhak Ravitz

    Head of the Kiryat Ya’erim Local Council

  • Yossi Brodny

    Yossi Brodny

    Mayor of Giv'at Shmuel and Chairman of the Legislation, Law, and Justice Committee of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • AMB. Marina Rosenberg

    AMB. Marina Rosenberg

    Senior Vice President, International Affairs, ADL

  • Adv. Yaron Shavit

    Adv. Yaron Shavit

    Deputy Chair of the Executive of the Jewish Agency, Colonel (IDF Reserves)

  • Almog Goldstein Lake

    Almog Goldstein Lake

    Former Hamas Hostage

  • Alon Ben-David

    Alon Ben-David

    Military Commentator, News 13

  • Amira Ahronoviz

    Amira Ahronoviz

    CEO and Director General, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Amnon Merhav

    Amnon Merhav

    Director General, Ministry of Economy and Industry

  • Amnon Ziv

    Amnon Ziv

    Director, Ashkelon Coast Regional Council Security Division

  • Ariel Idan

    Ariel Idan

    Southern Correspondent, Channel 14

  • Atty. Benyamin Dreyfuss

    Atty. Benyamin Dreyfuss

    CEO, National Lottery

  • Atty. Emi Palmor

    Atty. Emi Palmor

    Member, Meta Oversight Board

  • Atty. Neora Amit

    Atty. Neora Amit

    Populations and Interfaces, Ministry of Health

  • Atty. Ruth Dayan Madar

    Atty. Ruth Dayan Madar

    Health Officer, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Atty. Yaakov (Yanki) Kwint

    Atty. Yaakov (Yanki) Kwint

    Director, Israeli Land Authority

  • Avigdor Itzchaky, CPA

    Avigdor Itzchaky, CPA

    Chairman of the Board, National Lottery

  • Aviv Ezra

    Aviv Ezra

    Chairman, Victory Generation Movement

  • Ayelet Greenbaum Arizona

    Ayelet Greenbaum Arizona

    Senior VP for Strategic-Economic Planning, Ministry of Health

  • Ayelet Shaked

    Ayelet Shaked

    Chair of Kardan Real Estate

  • Barak Vardi

    Barak Vardi

    VP, Discount Holdings and Manager and Chairman of the Board, Mercantile Discount Bank, Chairman of the Board, Credit Cards for Israel (KAL)

  • Ben Samocha

    Ben Samocha

    Founder, CryptoJungle, and Digital Currencies Senior Lecturer

  • Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ronen Manelis

    Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ronen Manelis

    Former IDF Spokesperson

  • Bruce P. Sholk

    Bruce P. Sholk

    Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee And Member of The Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Col. (Res) Dubi Amitai

    Col. (Res) Dubi Amitai

    Chairman of the Business Sector Presidium and Chairman of the Social-Economic Forum

  • Doron Almog

    Doron Almog

    Chairman, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Dovi Weissenstern

    Dovi Weissenstern


  • Dr. Maor Maman

    Dr. Maor Maman

    Head, Community Medicine and continued Hospitalization, Home Front Command

  • Dr. Maor Maman

    Dr. Maor Maman

    CEO, Emek Medical Center

  • Dr. Sharon Elrai Price

    Dr. Sharon Elrai Price

    Chairwoman, Public Health Services, Ministry of Health

  • Dr. Wael Kraiem

    Dr. Wael Kraiem

    International Economy and Local Government Expert

  • Einat Zinger-Dan

    Einat Zinger-Dan

    CEO, Forum for Economic and Social Development, and Director of the Employers’ Association

  • Einav Peretz

    Einav Peretz

    North Region Commissioner at the Ministry of Interior

  • Eitan Yohananof

    Eitan Yohananof

    CEO and Owner, LT Supermarket Yohananof

  • Eli Hirschhorn

    Eli Hirschhorn

    CEO of the Or Yehuda Economic Company, Graduate of the cadet program of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Elisha Madan

    Elisha Madan

  • Eugene Kendal

    Eugene Kendal

    Chairman of the Board, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Chairman, Rise Israel

  • Eyal Waldman

    Eyal Waldman

    Chairman of Waldo Holdings, CEO and Founder of Mellanox

  • Galit Ophir

    Galit Ophir

    Director of the Human Resources Department of the Municipality of Sderot

  • Hila Barzilai

    Hila Barzilai

    Director, Sderot Resilience Center

  • Hila Kinster Bar David

    Hila Kinster Bar David

    Director General, Schahar On NGO

  • Ifat Ovadia-Luski

    Ifat Ovadia-Luski

    Chair of the Jewish National Fund

  • Igal Slovik

    Igal Slovik

    CEO, Israeli Builder’s Association

  • Ilanit Asif

    Ilanit Asif

    Vice President of Government Relations and Partnerships at the Social-Economic Forum

  • Inbal Mashash

    Inbal Mashash

    Director General, Ministry of Communications

  • Keren Marciano

    Keren Marciano

    Moderator, Economic Commentator, N12

  • Keren Petel

    Keren Petel

    CEO, Marom HaGalil Regional Council, and Graduate of "Hamakom" Program

  • Kfir Metsuyanim

    Kfir Metsuyanim

    VP of Regulation and Government Relations, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Lester Friedman

    Lester Friedman

    Mayor of Beverly Hills, California

  • Lili Ben Ami

    Lili Ben Ami

    CEO and Founder, The Michal Sela Forum

  • Liron Doron Levi

    Liron Doron Levi

    CEO, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Lital Shemesh

    Lital Shemesh

    Moderator, News Anchor, and Journalist

  • Lt. Col. Maor Edri

    Lt. Col. Maor Edri

    Head, Community Medicine and continued Hospitalization, Home Front Command

  • Maj. Rafi Milo

    Maj. Rafi Milo

    Commander of the IDF Homefront Command

  • Matanyahu Englman

    Matanyahu Englman

    State Comptroller and President, EUROSAI

  • Michal Menkes

    Michal Menkes

    VP of Education, Social Services, and Community Administration, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Mohammad Magadli

    Mohammad Magadli

    Head of News Division, Nas Radio and Commentator, N12

  • Moran Itzhaky

    Moran Itzhaky

    General Manager of the Tamar Regional Council

  • Moshe Bar Siman Tov

    Moshe Bar Siman Tov

    Director General, Ministry of Health

  • Nir Dvori

    Nir Dvori

    Editor, Military and Security Affairs Desk, N12

  • Nitzan Shapira

    Nitzan Shapira

    Southern Correspondent, N12

  • Ophir Pines-Paz

    Ophir Pines-Paz

    Head, Institute for Local Government, Tel Aviv University

  • Orna Hozman

    Orna Hozman

    Former Chair of the Ashdod Port

  • Osnat Elroy

    Osnat Elroy

    Secretary of the Lottery

  • Ram Sidis

    Ram Sidis

    CEO, Mashcal, Local Government Services Ltd

  • Rami Garor

    Rami Garor

    Director General, Israeli Employment Service

  • Rani Dudai

    Rani Dudai

    Executive Director, JDC-TEVET

  • Raul Srugo

    Raul Srugo

    President, Builders of the Land Contractors’ Association

  • Reef Peretz

    Reef Peretz

    Chairman, Tribe of Nova Foundation

  • Reuven Pinsky

    Reuven Pinsky

    Director General, National Civil Service

  • Ron Barzani

    Ron Barzani

    VP of Innovation and Information Systems, Mashcal, Local Government Services Ltd

  • Ronen Peretz

    Ronen Peretz

    Director General, Ministry of the Interior

  • Shai Graucher

    Shai Graucher

    CLAL Israel Association

  • Sharon Avis

    Sharon Avis

    CEO of the Tozeret Haaretz Young Communities

  • Shira Lev-Ami

    Shira Lev-Ami

    CEO, National Digital Agency

  • Shlomi Heisler

    Shlomi Heisler

    Director General of the Ministry of Finance

  • Shuki Borstein

    Shuki Borstein

    CEO, Mercantile Bank

  • Sigal Arieli

    Sigal Arieli

    Ashkelon - Baltimore partnership director. Representative of the Associated Jewish federation of greater Baltimore

  • Sigal Dadon Levi

    Sigal Dadon Levi

    CEO, Maccabi Health Services

  • Tal Shalev

    Tal Shalev

    Moderator, Reporter, and Political Analyst, Walla News

  • Tamir Steinman

    Tamir Steinman

    Moderator, Southern Correspondent, N12

  • Uri Pinto

    Uri Pinto

    CEO, Western Negev Cluster

  • Uwe Becker

    Uwe Becker

    State Secretary for Finance, State Commissioner for Jewish Life and the fight against Antisemitism

  • Yaakov Hagoel

    Yaakov Hagoel

    Chairman of the World Zionist Organization

  • Yair Sherki

    Yair Sherki

    Moderator and Journalist, N12

  • Yanir Cozin

    Yanir Cozin

    Moderator, Diplomatic & Political Correspondent, Galei Tzahal Radio

  • Yarden Kotzer

    Yarden Kotzer

    Training and Organizational Development Coordinator at the Sderot Municipality, Graduate of the cadet program of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

  • Yaron Avraham

    Yaron Avraham

    Moderator and Political Correspondent, N12

  • Yitzhak Burba

    Yitzhak Burba

    CEO, Ef-Eh Infrastructure, Chairman of the Association of Municipal Corporations

  • Yoav Limor

    Yoav Limor

    Journalist, Moderator, N12, and Israel HaYom

  • Yoseph Haddad

    Yoseph Haddad

    CEO, Together-Vouch for Each Other, and Advocacy Activist

  • Ziv Koren

    Ziv Koren


  • Zvika Cohen

    Zvika Cohen

    Director General, Israel National Insurance

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