MuniWorld 2024: Israeli Revival

The October 7th attacks on Israel and the war that followed unleashed a global wave of antisemitism fueled by Israel’s adversaries, and amplified by ignorance. Jewish communities around the world facing daily attacks have been serving bravely as ambassadors for the Israeli cause, providing crucial support to Israel and extending aid to our brothers and sisters. By doing so, they reaffirm that truth and solidarity know no borders. MuniWorld 2024 will honor the resilience and efforts of Jewish communities worldwide and explore how to harness this solidarity for a brighter future. Alongside Jewish communities, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel and mayors throughout the nation are encouraged by the global support and concern from their colleagues around the globe. Our annual gathering is an opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

MuniWorld 2024 will delve into critical issues stemming from October 7th, including:

  1. Communal and Municipal Recovery After Crisis: How can local communities rebuild and thrive in the aftermath of adversity?
  2. Balancing Emergency Response with Routine Municipal Services: Navigating emergencies while ensuring essential services continue.
  3. Securing Municipal Infrastructure Against Physical and Cyber Threats: Safeguarding critical systems and data.
  4. Municipal Leadership as a Catalyst for Tolerance and Inclusion: How can local leaders foster understanding and unity?

Join us as we chart a course toward resilience, cooperation, and a more compassionate world.