The 2024 innovation exhibition

Interested in presenting at the conference?
THIS IS Once a year business opportunity! Business meetings with the decision-makers in the local authorities in Israel

Interested in presenting
At the innovation exhibition?

The local government in Israel purchases products and services for over 65 billion NIS per year. This massive procurement, along with new methods, is becoming more and more sophisticated with services, products, and goods that previously were not in the shopping basket of the authorities. Tenders have improved, become more transparent, qualitative and smarter.

MUNI EXPO – is the business opportunity of the year for every service provider in the municipal sector. This is the only event in Israel where a supplier and service provider can meet at once the entire chain of decision makers in the local authority, from all areas, in an informal atmosphere.

At the Muni Expo 2024 exhibition, 170 service providers presented, AND over 100 of THESE PROVIDERS WILL BE PRESENT AT THIS UPCOMING MUNIEXPO. THIS data HAS great significance; Suppliers and service providers believe that ISRAEL is the place to do business, open doors and TO get opportunities WITHIN the local government SPHERE in Israel.

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