MUNI WORLD is an annual offline think tank, focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing Smart Cities.
Mayors and senior officials from leading global cities convene to reveal proven best practices and exchange expertise.

MUNI WORLD 2021 will feature a 3-day special international program, focusing on areas pertaining to smart cities- innovation, environmental issues, approaches to urban planning, transportation, special exhibition of Urban Security and defense solutions, conference about the threats of urban terrorism on smart cities and urban innovation fair. Come and join forces with TOP industry leaders to identify challenges and find solutions.


MUNI EXPO is attended by mayors and municipality leaders, director generals of municipalities and corporations, financial managers, information officers, treasurers, city planners, architects, director of city improvement department, security officers, education, welfare, sports and culture administrators, city and municipal council members, academic experts, procurement administrators, and more. 

Government Ministers and Parliament members, also attend the event, as well as other government officials of various ranks holding portfolios in the above-mentioned areas, including economic officials or experts who work in collaboration with the local government.
MUNI WORLD 2021 is an opportunity to learn and be exposed to the latest information and advancements in the industry while enjoying extensive exhibition and
fascinating tours of accelerators and startups in Israel.

MUNI WORLD 2021 is an opportunity to learn and be exposed to the latest information and advancements in the industry while enjoying extensive exhibition and fascinating tours of accelerators and startups in Israel.


Israel – a Global Smart City Innovation Center

Israel is one of the leading global epicenters for innovation, groundbreaking technological solutions, and entrepreneurship. The startup nation's innovation spirit characterizes all sectors: governmental, municipal and business alike and enables promoting cross-sectorial initiatives implemented in Israel and abroad.
We wish to turn MuniExpo 2021 into an arena where local leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs can plant the seeds for ongoing cooperation that will contribute to urban life all over the world.


MUNI EXPO, the annual event of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel [FLAI], is the foremost of its kind in the Middle East. In the past few years the conference and expo was attended by 9,000 senior directors and managers of 257 local authorities in Israel, The Expo provides a platform for the collaborations formed during the event, to have a direct impact on the daily lives of millions of citizens.

Registered international participants of MUNI WORLD are granted full access to all the events of MUNI EXPO 2021



Despite its size, Israel has a disproportionate impact on global innovation. Israeli startups have become global brand names (like Checkpoint and Waze), and more than 300 multinational companies established R&D labs in Israel to benefit from our unsurpassed creativity. Israel’s remarkable achievements inspire the country’s municipal accelerators, where new ideas are cultivated every day.

Israel is continuously ranked as the 10th most innovative country in the world, with the highest number of startups per capita, and the second-highest concentration of cyber-defense companies in the world.
Join us to discover what makes Israel’s innovation ecosystem so successful.

Attendees to MUNI WORLD are granted full access to all the events at MUNI EXPO 2021.

MuniWorld 2021’s Program:

Tours Offered on the 19/10/21

The 3rd Akko Convention on Urbanism

The Crusader City  – Leveraging Economic Growth and Tourism

08:30   Pick up from Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv

10:30    Tour Crusader Acre as a source of economic and tourism growth
              – a behind-the-scenes look at the tourism development processes.
                How does a world heritage city and historical site become an urban economic and tourist                  locomotive?

13:30   Lunch

14:30   Drive to Tel Aviv

16:00    Arrival at Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv

Wednesday, 20 October 2021
12:00   Pick up from Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv and drive to TLV Exhibition Centre.
            Address: Tel Aviv Convention Center: Pavilion 2

10:00-16:00 Physical and Online tours of the MuniExpo Innovation Fair

16:00-18:00 MuniWorld 2021 Conference:

International Municipal Cooperation wins Global campaigns

Host: Yoav Limor, Keshet TV

16:00    Greetings

Haim Bibas 
Chairman, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel
Mayor, Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut

16:05    Keynote speaker: 

MK Yair Lapid, Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs

16:10  Mobilizing national and municipal health campaigns in the pandemic era

  The recent pandemic made national and municipal governments initiate and manage large-scale health campaigns. What is there to be learned from this experience? 

Michel Thieren, MD, MPH; Special Advisor to the World Health Organization, Regional Director for Europe on COVID-19
Prof. Salman Zarka; Head of "Magen Israel" (Chief COVID-19 Officer) 
Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou, Mayor of Trikala and President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE)
Mr. Amir Kochavi, Mayor of Hod Hasharon
Prof. Diane Levin-Zamir, PhD, MPH, MCHES; National Director, Department of Health Education and Promotion – Clalit Health Services

16:40 Keynote speaker:

 Dr. Amer Ahmad Sharif
Vice Chancellor of Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU), Chair of the Dubai Covid-19 Command and Control Center and Member of the UAE Genome Council.

16:45 Is Covid 19 the only pandemic to fight? 
How can municipalities overcome challenges such as xenophobia, racism, and antisemitism while managing a global crisis?

Gabriel Groisman, Mayor of Bal Harbor – Florida
Uwe Becker, Hessian State Commissioner for Jewish Life and the fight against Antisemitism
William C. Daroff, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations’ CEO
Dr. Einat Kalisch-Rotem, Mayor of Haifa, Israel  
Mr. Igor Radojičić, Former Mayor of Banja Luka – Republika Srpska, former President of National Assembly and former Acting President of the Republic

17:15     Will 2022 be a year to remember? 

Will the next year mark the end of the Covid pandemic, or should we prepare for new developments?

Erion Veliej, Mayor of Tirana – Albania
Mr. Bahij Mansour, Mayor of Isfiya – Israel and Former Ambassador
Fleur Hassan Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, International Relations Economic Development and Tourism
Dr. Asher Salmon M.D Ph.D, Director, Department of International Relations  at the  Ministry of Health
Mr. Jean-Pierre ELONG MBASSI , General Secretary of UCLG Africa

18:00-20:00 Living Together, MuniExpo 2021 Special Gala Event,

Keynote Speaker Mr. Yitzhak Hertzog, President of the state of Israel

Thursday, 21 October 2021
09:30  Pick up from Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv 
10:45  Arrival at the Jerusalem ״Station complex״
15:30  End at "Mount Hotzvim״
16:00   Drive to Tel Aviv

Chairman's Invitation

Dear colleagues, friends and partners,
It is my honor to invite you to participate in MUNIEXPO 2021 – the annual international Municipal Innovation Conference held by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel – which will take place at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on October 19-21th, 2021.

The largest municipal event of the year, led by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, serves as fertile ground for innovation, entrepreneurship and business interactions and supplies members of local authorities with practical means of realizing innovative goals within their regions of jurisdiction. The strength of the convention lies in the collaborations formed among its participants and the subsequent impact on the daily lives of millions of inhabitants.
Over 200 mayors from Jewish and Arab towns in Israel will attend the event, alongside representatives from local authorities abroad. MUNIEXPO will take place for the fifth consecutive year, following last year's success with over 200 technology- oriented companies and service providers, including significant private sector actors in the global arena, as well as at least 9,000 decision makers and buyers from Israel and over 100 international delegations. One of the highlights in the events will be the international MUNIEXPO exhibition dedicated to urban innovation and smart
In the wake of increasing threats to cities and large population centers worldwide, the main theme of MUNIWORLD Conference this year will be Urban Security.

Over recent years, terrorism has increasingly shifted from the battlefield to the cities we live in.
The conference visitors will also have the opportunity to attend special roundtable sessions with ministers, parliament members (MKs), local authority administrators and key figures in local governance, representatives of the Israeli economy,
members of the academia, members of the media, as well as dozens of mayors and key functionaries from cities worldwide.
We would be honored to have you!

Haim Bibas
Chairman, Federation of Local Authorities in Israel
Mayor, Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut


Tel Aviv Convention Center : Pavillon 2
Tel Aviv Convention Center is the largest and most advanced convention center in
Israel. It is located in northern Tel Aviv, 15 min drive from city center, adjacent to
the Tel Aviv University and within walking distance from the University Railway
Muni World will offer the participants an all-day shuttle to TLV offered hotels.
Directions By Public Transportation:
Rakevet israel – The University train station is near the Tel Aviv Convention Center –
Rakevet israel website
Egged – Bus number 521 – Egged website
Dan – Buses numbers 12, 22, 40, 89, 189, 389 – Dan website|
Metropolin – Buses numbers 47, 48, 247 from Tel Aviv center and Raanana/Kefar
Saba/Herzliya/Ramat Ha’Sharon – Metropolin website
Kavim – Bus number 137 – Kavim website